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I got my order Yesterday --FAST DELIVERY-- and the wonderful scents are awesome, and a little goes a long way! LOL  Each one smells like I imagined it would and much stronger than anything I've ever found.  The attention from Bill was unsurpassed by any site I've bought from.  
Thank you Bill for the extra samples you sent me -- I will definately be ordering from you again!  It's nice to get what you pay for and then some!
Thanks Brenda   
Shongaloo, LA
The wedding "fiesta" reception was awesome!
Everyone commented about the candles! And...of course we told people to go to HALO!
The colors were perfect. You added just the right amount of smell to the candle.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
You are the best.



 This is Monica Perkins I meet you a couple of days ago, and you fixed me a bag of wax melts. They are wonderful and my sister in law and mom want some now. I was wondering what I needed to do to order more from you. Also did you find the Star glazing Lilly smell? My mom was looking at your soaks, can you give me some info on those too?
Thank you, the house smells wonderful because of your candles. You are a great candle maker.

Hi, just had to send a note to say how much I am enjoying the candles!! I can easily believe that you totally get many return customers! I thought at first the candles are expensive, but after burning one, I am so impressed with not only the strength of the scent, but how very very long-burning they are! I think now that they are a good value and well worth the price. Thanks again, and have a great day!


I got my box on Saturday....just let me tell you I wanted to eat the fire side sample you sent me it ssssmmmmmeeeeeelllllleeeddd sooooo goooooooddddd!!!!!!!!!! Payton loved her soap she had to take a bath as soon as we got it! (smells great also, but then again your stuff always does)! Thanks for everything!




...just purchased some candles. I have to say they are great and I will be back to purchase more and I will let everyone know to come check you out... They smell so good. Goodbye partylight... You just made a new customer who will visit often.


-I have been to your beautiful little corner of the world only twice now, however, I will return many times over... After returning home from visiting with you and your daughter this morning, I immediately put on a pot of water for tea and sat by the "Fireside".. LOVELY! Thank you so very much for the suggestion - your wax melts are absolutely YUMMY! I also purchased six votives to give as gifts (Fireside, Wine and Roses, Christmas Time), and it will be very difficult to make it to Christmas morning without the temptation of burning one for myself! My husband and I have always enjoyed burning candles in our home, and are always excited to find new scents in which to experience - the intoxicating aroma of your candles, merely upon opening them, is reason enough for me to continue purchasing your products. Thank you again.


Hi Bill, Just wanted to say thank you. I received my wax melts, and of course, I love them!!! Your candles are the best anywhere, and I would never go back to buying any other brand. The quality is superior and your service is excellent. Thanks again. - Anna


Hi Bill, just spoke with you on the phone; purchased fresh linen fragrance oil at MT conference 05/03/08 in Columbia and would like to try a different fragrance. Gonna give Ginger and Spice a shot. I really liked the way the fragrance went through the house, especially as I've never  burned a fragrance oil before...thanks very much for your offer to send me the ginger and spice and pass along the fresh linen to a friend, with your card, of course!


Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the apple cinnamon spice candle that I picked up from you guys today. It looks great and smells great too! I have never found a candle that has this much scent to it even when it's not burning.

Also, I greatly appreciate the quickness of getting this candle prepared and calling me when it was ready. That is great customer service. Thanks for making my experience a great one. I will surely tell others about you. Thanks and have a blessed day! - Christina


Thank you for the message!  Rebecca and I want that sweet smelling aroma of fall and Christmas to fill our house again that we just had to place an order with you!  Since you moved your main store back to St. James it was just more convenient to order our melts on line with you.  Believe me, you will always hear from us from time to time.  We love your product very much, nothing even gets close to what you all create. - Annette


I just wanted to say your candles are wonderful. I used to come out to your shop outside of town alot and buy candles. It's great that you now have a store in town here. I can't wait to come check it out. Oh and I just had to tell you I was recently unpacking some things I've had in storage and I found some wax melts from at least 5 yrs ago and they still smell as good as they did the day I bought them. I was amazed. Keep up the great aroma!! Thanks - Lindsay


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